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Dave Lindahl

I’m Dave Lindahl, with more than 18 years of experience in Real Estate Investing, I’ve rehabbed over 820 houses, and currently control over 7,400 apartment units. Starting out as a struggling landscaper with no experience in construction, I accepted an opportunity to renovate a foreclosed house for a local bank during the wintertime when there was no landscaping to do in Boston.

The job was completed mostly with the advice of relatives and friends who knew how to do the work. After completing the first house, I did another and then (after getting over my initial fears) began to buy and hold small apartment buildings for myself.

To get the money for down payments (I originally used credit cards until they ran out!), I would rehab single-family houses to “flip” for chunks of money, so I could buy more apartment buildings.

Within the first 14 months, my apartment buildings created a positive cash flow of more than $10,300 a month for me and my family and within three and one half years I became a multi-millionaire.

I then learned about the four phases of the Real Estate Market Cycle, what strategies to use in each cycle for maximum profit and the fact that at any given time there are 10 – 20 markets around the United States that are “Emerging.”

I learned how to find these markets, and created a system to buy in these markets. Quickly, I became much wealthier, much faster! I have done and still do all of this without dealing with a single tenant! Now I’m ready to tell you how you can do it too! Today, I’ve earned millions of dollars renovating houses for resale. And, control over 7,400 apartment units with a monthly cash flow equaling what most people make in a year!

For a limited time, you can learn what I know for a total cost of ONE DOLLAR, that's right, only $1!

Why Now? Several Reasons!

I call it the "Perfect Storm" because unusual chains of events have come together to create an economic climate for real estate entrepreneurs no one has seen before.

The media is down playing real estate and convincing the public it's a bad thing. When the media says sell, I'm buying like a bat out of hell, and so should you. It's easier now than I've ever seen—people are throwing deals at us, and since we don't use our money or credit, there's no limit to how many we can buy!

Why is this important to you?

It's simple! If you don't take action now and get on the bandwagon, the greatest opportunity to create wealth on The Fast Track may pass you by before you even know what happened. You're about to get a chance to learn from the most qualified man alive on how to get involved for a dollar.

So, where does the dollar come in?

Well, I was teaching a group of new students recently and decided to ask them what I could do that would be the biggest help to them. Of course, the overwhelming reply was "just give us the information for free". Obviously, that idea didn't sit well, because I've been selling what I know for over 20 years now to the tune of millions of dollars annually, and making a lot of people rich with what they learned from me.

But then it happened!

I wracked my brain for weeks until this little idea hit me. I know you may have an interest in making money in real estate. I also know there are hoards of 'wannabes' out there who claim they know how to cash in on the current economy, but I want to make sure you have the opportunity to hear from the best. So as the kingpin of real estate investing, I'm going to make you an offer I hope you can't refuse!

Here's Exactly What You Get For Your Measly $1 Investment

Real Estate Investor's Marketing Tool Kit - Workbook

You get a digital version of my Real Estate Investor's Marketing Tool Kit workbook... a thick, 144-page binder that's packed with secrets, examples, and lots of straight talk about what doesn't work--and what works like crazy!

Real Estate Investor's Marketing Tool Kit - Audio CDs

Then there are eight studio-quality audio files. Turn your time-wasting drives into money-making sessions! Listen as I walk through my system, and make each piece of it crystal clear.

Real Estate Investor's Marketing Tool Kit - Forms CD

You don't even have to type! I have all the ads, all the letters, and all the scripts... even a couple of commercials, pre-done and ready to make you money.

The 23 Most Costly Mistakes Investors Make,
And How to Avoid Them

A digital version of my special report: "The 23 Most Costly Mistakes Investors Make, And How to Avoid Them". I attended the "School of Hard Knocks" to learn these secrets. They cost me a lot of money. You get them handed to you on a silver platter. This report alone will save you thousands of dollars.

30-Minute Strategy Session

You'll receive a certificate to use when you're ready to call my qualified counselors to discuss your personal situation, one on one. Here's where you can discuss your game plan, how to get out of your job, your roadblocks and personal issues, how to get started, realistic expectations, what training is available, ongoing personal mentoring and anything else on your mind.

The "Multi Family Manifesto" Book

In this book, you will discover why multi-family real estate is both the superior investment and the fastest way to begin building your wealth.

"How to Write Letters" Booklet

This booklet goes into detail on how to craft a well executed direct mail campaign so that your phone remains ringing off the hook with motivated sellers calling.

All together, that's $995 in real value for $1.00

Let's Pop The Hood On My Real Estate Marketing System!

How To Make Them Not Nibble... But Bite Like Piranhas In A Feeding Frenzy!

  • The Five Steps to a Great Marketing Plan. If you don't know what they are or follow them, you'll be taking the long road to success (if you ever reach it at all). Follow these Five Specific Steps, and sleep like a baby, knowing your success is in the bag. (Page 116)
  • The one technique you can always fall back on when you need to buy a house in a hurry. Do this and your phone should start to ring within days... or even hours! (Page 11)
  • The one mistake you should never make, even after you've made a bundle in real estate! (Page 5)
  • Don't make these two big blunders with your signs! If you do, it will cost you, Big Time. (Page 13)
  • The 19 reasons why people are motivated to sell, and how you can get them to start calling you. (Page 7)
  • Do this with your signs, and you'll simply be wasting your money. (Page 14)
  • The right–and wrong–way to install a telephone pole sign. Do it right, and your phone rings off the hook. (Page 15)
  • It's one thing to have signs; it's another to know where to put them for maximum effect. Get the answer on page 15.
  • The single most powerful tool you can have to persuade someone to use your services. (Page 27).
  • Six precisely worded letters that get big results, constantly. (Page 51)
  • The two most critical parts of any sales letter; forget these, and you might as well leave the stamp off the envelope. (Page 49)
Hi Dave, over the years I have invested in all kinds of Real Estate tools (everybody is a Guru) and I have to admit I have never received the kind of support that I have gotten from your group. You cannot retire anytime soon, because your organization is truly making a difference. Making money may eventually bore you – but us mere mortals are extremely grateful for the unselfish EDUCATION you have provided, and the way that you and your staff bring us into the fold and treat us like family. I have learned so much, my coach and your staff is an amazing safety blanket for me.
Janice McKoy
Thank you so much Dave for taking the time to explain RE terms we heard but never really understood. That really brought a glimmer of hope!! With deep appreciation!
Laarni Urag
Thank You Dave for all of your help and support! After taking your advice that you gave me at your training, I took the plunge into cash flowing Real Estate and am now in the process of doing my first deal! I’m so excited!
Eric Ferrell

Promotion Techniques That Work In Your Area!

  • Learn the three components of an effective direct mail campaign, and watch your response rates soar! (Page 42)
  • Make any of these five mistakes, and you're flushing your direct mail dollars down the toilet. (Page 44)
  • How to create a headline that forces your readers to stop and pay attention! (Page 45)
  • The proven formula for writing money-attracting classified ads. (Page 57)
  • Warning! Don't listen to your Yellow Pages salesperson when designing your ad or you'll be sorry! Here's why. (Page 62)
  • What every moneymaking business card has on it, and where to put it on yours. (Page 69)
  • The "piggy back" phone technique that will draw sellers to call your number instead of your competitors'. (Page 60)
  • Do not fall for this "expert" advice about what type of phone number to get! Here's why. (Page 59)
  • 21 great places to put your business cards for maximum exposure. (Page 70)
  • The 5 most common money-losing mistakes most people make on their business cards. (Page 69)
  • Four "sweet spot" locations to put out flyers. (Page 73)
  • What NOT to do when handing out your flyers. (Page 74)
  • Four proven flyers, all pre-built and ready for you to insert your contact information. (Page 77)

How To Recruit A Willing Army For You!

Last year I bought 3 multi-families using your marketing letters. I sent out maybe 200 letters.

Two from one owner: A 6-family that had $60,000 equity immediately... just sold [a 3-family] for $55,000 more than we paid for it a year ago. The third [we bought] for $138,000... will soon be worth at least $200,000. Thanks Dave!

Linda Baumgarten
Within three weeks of getting your Marketing Tool Kit, I closed on a "Chunker", and will make $28,000 on the resale. Thank You!
Brian Kiger

Can I Achieve This Success?

  • How to get people to be your eyes and ears all over town, constantly bringing you deals! (Page 81)
  • How to find the real estate agents who are doing all the deals, and how to get them to give you the lion's share. (Page 87)
  • Make this simple–but often overlooked–mistake with a real estate agent, and your name will be dirt all over town. (Page 89)
  • Four important tips to keep agents sending YOU houses, instead of to your competition. (Page 88)
  • The exact wording of an effective letter you can send to real estate agents to get leads from them. (Page 92)
  • Advertise on these radio stations, and you're throwing your money away. But advertise on these other ones, and watch your phone light up! (Page 93)
  • Follow this easy way to conduct a radio interview, and be seen as the "Real Estate Expert" in your area. (Page 96)
  • The two types of sales prospecting, and which one will make you boatloads more money. (Page 6)

Know Exactly What To Do When Sellers Call!

  • The single most important question to ask a seller, to determine if you might have a deal, BEFORE you spend any more than 20 seconds with them. (Page 108)
  • Is your answering machine or live answering service actually hurting your business? Here's how to find out. (Page 111)
  • Ask these Four Golden Questions right up front, and you'll easily separate the cherry deals from the rest. (Page 108)
  • The exact scripts to use when callers reach you or your answering service. No need to wonder ever again what to say... (Page 114)
  • The critical piece of paper you need in your "Credibility Kit" that gains instant trust when you've entered a seller's home. (Page 12)


7 Profit Centers - CDs 1 & 2 $75 Value

These two CDs explain the 7 Profit Centers of Real Estate and how every deal fits into one of these profit centers.


Trial Membership To My Deal Lab $47.00 Value

Dave Lindahl’s Deal Lab is an exclusive membership opportunity offering you invaluable resources designed to complement your training and advance your goals of building new wealth. The club offers countless investor resources including everything from the latest articles on real estate, to eye-opening case studies. Membership in the Deal Lab brings with it access to interact with fellow members, masters, mentors and the best resource of all: Dave Lindahl!

Deal Lab Membership Website

The Deal Lab is a family and a family needs a home. Ours is on our restricted membership website, available ONLY to registered Deal Lab members. You’ll find audio and video training, our step-by-step action plans, an ever-increasing number of tools and links, online application resources, and more...

  • Forms and Agreement Library: You need an agreement or a form to do almost anything in real estate and business, and all of our copyrighted agreements and many, many more are here, and they’re ready for you to simply fill in the blanks, or you can send it to your attorney. You’re going to save thousands of legal fees because thousands of legal fees went into creating these agreements, along with 20 years of practical experience in real estate investment. These are regularly updated by the Deal Lab team.
  • Deal Lab Facebook Community: An ongoing social environment, our community is where you can communicate with members and teach what you know, while learning from other players in real estate and business.
  • “Ask Dave” Discussion Forum: Your weekly pipeline to Dave Lindahl and the most knowledgeable members on his team, “Ask Dave” welcomes your direct questions on issues that you need help with.

OK, Dave. Why Are You Giving Me So Much For Only $1.00?

The answer is simple. It's a shameless bribe to get you to try out my new Deal Lab membership and give us the chance to show you how valuable it will be to you.

Do you remember AOL's business model when they started? I bet you can remember getting several CDs in the mail over a few years with good offers to get you to try them. Well, they lost a fortune to build a customer base but no one is feeling sorry for them now.

Same here. We'll lose our shirt in the beginning, but we'll have the strength of thousands of members and that strength will benefit you in many ways. Think of AAA, AARP, NRA, Costco to name a few. Numbers equal volume, volume equals value to you and it will only increase as we grow.

Give us a chance and we'll show you how much value we can cram in a whole month for a measly $47.00 as should be evidenced by my $1.00 offer. I promise you will be so impressed you'll want to tell everyone you know. Of course, that's exactly what I'm counting on to reach my member goal by year end. If you don't agree the value is there, you may opt out anytime and keep everything here.

At the very least, you'll get a digital version of my new real estate marketing course worth $995 for only a buck, and you can use that to net $10,000 very quickly. This should be an easy decision for you. Take me up on my crazy offer.