[FREE DOWNLOAD] Direct Mail 10-Point Review Checklist with Example

Did you know you only need a 1% response rate from sending out direct mail to be very successful? That means for every one hundred pieces you send out, you only need to get one qualified response and ultimately one real estate deal to make back 10, 20 or 30+ times your money.

What You'll Discover

The 10 things successful real estate direct mail pieces have in common.
An example successful letter putting everything you learn into practice so you completely understand how it's done. No need to reinvent the wheel!
How to get your seller to read your letter so you get more deals.
The one thing, if you add it, that will increase your response rate dramatically.
Why you must put a call to action at least twice in every letter and where to put it to be most effective.
The right size envelope to send, and what not to have on the outside!
Why adding a P.S in your letter will increase your response and what to say in that P.S.
Black ink or blue ink? Choose the right one, and your piece gets read; choose wrong and it goes in the trash.
A proven formula for writing a sales letter that gets your sellers calling you.
What to do to the stamp to get you a higher response rate.

Do NOT send out a piece of direct mail that does not meet all of the criteria.

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