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Everything You Need To Know To Start Bringing In Big Money!

What you get RIGHT NOW:

Try not to fall out of your chair, but I am dead serious about helping you attract as much money as you’ll ever need! Notice I say “attract”. Forget about “searching” or finding” private money. I want the investors to line up, ready to GIVE you the money you need to close your deals.

I told you I was SERIOUS! Here is what you get:

Complete Home Study System - Valued at $1,495

Private Money Master Home Study Manual
Look, this manual is jammed pack with chapter after chapter of private money strategies. Listing all of them will take way too much time. Here are my top picks:
1. The Four Types of Private Money Partners
2. Locating Private Money Sources
3. Packaging Your Private Money Deal
4. Legal Considerations

The 3 Most Powerful and Proven Presentations Ever Created! Forget 'how to' do a presentation… I am giving you an audio of me presenting as well as my power point for you use as a template. Everything DONE FOR YOU!

  • Emerging Markets Presentation
  • Lunch Presentation- I will not only give you this presentation, but I will show you step-by-step how to fill the room with a whole bunch of people and how to get the MONEY!

Webinar Series Follow me and my most successful students as we show you STEP by STEP how to avoid major capital raising mistakes and get private money lenders asking to be part of your next deal. This training series showcases techniques that are tested, proven and realistic..

Private Money Master Forms CD Every form you need to safely get private money from investors, including theAccredited Investor Form. You’ll also get my elevator pitch!

Property Package Template How to analyze a property and structure the deal so your investor partners actually vie with each other so they don’t get closed out of the deal.

Dave, I want all of this PLUS the bonuses you are offering.

I want the bargain you mentioned for $995.

You can have the bargain, just click below!

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