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The Apartment House Riches System Includes...

  • Step-by-Step Super-Clear Guide
  • 12 Audio Sessions
  • Quick-Start Audio Session
  • Multi-Unit Profit Finder
  • "How to Fill Vacancies Fast"
  • "23 Most Costly Mistakes Investors Make, and How to Avoid Them"
  • Million Dollar Deals

Here's what some Apartment House Riches buyers have found:

Thanks for your system Dave! Just 3 months after buying your system I closed on a 6-unit property in Hollywood, FL. The property is cash flowing over $1,500 per month, or over $18,000 per year. Since then, I have also purchased two other single-family properties and have converted one of those properties into a duplex.
Pam B., Hollywood FL
Your sample letters make it possible to have a successful mail campaign, since you have done the most difficult part and that’s writing the letters. The 7-minute analysis makes it a painless process to analyze deals. My daughter and I found a triplex in Orangeburg, SC from a motivated seller thanks to a foreclosure. We were able to use your 7-minute analysis to verify the numbers made sense. We purchased the property for $112,000 with other people's money. With all 3 units renovated the property has now been appraised for $220,000! That’s initial equity of $108,000. We are using your application, lease, and unit-condition forms.
Linnette M., Pembroke Pines FL
After going through your step-by-step materials, I decided to take action. My first deal from going through your materials is going to net me over $300,000 in profit. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and guidance!
Lenny M., Adelanto CA
When I first started hearing you speak about real estate investing, I was completely skeptical. I have to say that you completely changed my mindset! I decided to take your course, and since then I have flipped a 16-unit building and made over $90,000 in just 3 months. I also flipped two 2-Families and made over $202,000! Thank You So Much Dave.
Sarah C., Arlington MA
Just wanted to let you know I just took your advice and started investing in emerging markets. All of your talk gave me the kick in the butt to go do something. I just closed 44 units in Galveston TX and no money down. The deal cash flows $2000-$3000 month now with full management fees and we have some value added of fix-up, adding some rooms from splitting duplex units.
Mark F., Spring TX
Living in California, finding multi-family properties that cash flowed properly was difficult. After learning about market cycles from Dave, my husband and I were able to find a 32-unit property in Austin, TX. After using the teachings that David taught us regarding property managers, we will be cash flowing over $3500 per month. That’s $42,000 per year.
Jeff and Jane A., Anaheim CA