Want To Do Bigger Deals But Don't Know How To Fund Them?

We Connect You With High Net-Worth Investors Who Are Looking For Profitable Real Estate Deals 

Virtually join the 8th Sponsorship event in an atmosphere where you can speak with wealthy investors in groups and one-on-one.

We will show you what to say and what not to say. So you're always professional and engaging when speaking and when presenting your deals.

Join us and create the key money relationships you need with someone who is like-minded and wants to do business with you. 

Matt D. - Past Sponsorship Attendee

Who you will meet.

What you will get.

The ability to level-up and close on bigger deals faster by building business relationships with wealthy investors.

Successful real estate investors with money to invest in quality deals you bring them.

Sponsors need deals to grow their money.

Bring them deals and grow together.

...It would be nice to hopefully sometime in the not so distant future be able to attend this live event again. Never give up on these online events with a possible follow up live event after it.

The RE Mentor family is just that, and it feels like it. Well done and thanks for all you do.

I highly recommend to anyone undecided to attend this event. You will not be disappointed

- Stephen P.

Past Sponsorship Attendee

Marjeanne F

Past Sponsorship Attendee

Are you ready to meet 10+ sponsors who are looking for quality deals?

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