7 Reasons Why Real Estate Investors Are Attending Ultimate Partnering 9

Real estate investors are always looking for the next great deal and inefficiencies in the market worth exploiting.

Except what happens when every avenue seems to have every other investor’s attention?

The reality is you need to do something different. Different ideas lead to different actions which leads to even more different – in this case greater – wealth.

The different action you seek?

Ultimate Partnering 9.

David Lindahl, President of RE Mentor has bought and sold over 9,000 units on his way to changing his family’s lives. He created RE Mentor and Ultimate Partnering 9 as a way to bridge the gap between ambition and results.

Everyone wants to be successful in real estate, and at Ultimate Partnering 9, David provides the tool box.

So what’s in the Ultimate Partnering 9 tool box? These 8 critical instruments for success:

Partner Your Way To Millions – Ultimate Partnering 9 is where people who are looking to make deals are! These are professionals in the industry just like you.

They are ambitious and eager to build their dreams. What’s more important for you – they open up different areas you may not be familiar with. If you consistently do deals on the South Shore, but hardly ever venture to the North Shore, then this is the perfect event to expand your brand.

1. Huge Deals Being Done At The Event

Ultimate Partnering 9 is not just where you meet people to make future deals, but deals to be made TODAY!

These bird dogs are constantly on the hunt for the best deals and have a thick portfolio ready to go.

Learn their techniques through networking and Ultimate Partnering 9 could be profitable for you before noon on the first day!

2. Find The People You Want To Work With On The First Day

At Ultimate Partnering 9, it isn’t just networking for the sake of networking – anyone with a LinkedIn profile can do that. Instead, the Speed Networking on the first day allows you to identify the people you need to speak with instead of trial and error.

The reality is large events like Ultimate Partnering 9 are great opportunities to expand your reach, speed networking allows you to close inefficiencies in your business by identifying the individuals who can help right away.

3. Build Your Business To Grow And Last

The session on best practices is a must for all professionals. We all have dreams of accumulating wealth but not necessarily the best techniques.

During the best practices session, you will learn how to get the most out of your business from those who have done it.

This isn’t just theoretical presentation, but practical application of the right ideas and processes for you to make the most of your abilities.

4. Gain A Clear Advantage Over Your Competition

At Ultimate Partnering 9, you will learn about what’s next, not what’s now. Being current in real estate is important, but what’s more important is knowing about the emerging trends six months or one year from now.

This is where the money is made – being ahead of where everyone else is. So while your competitors keep doing the same thing, thanks to Ultimate Partnering 9 you’ll be ahead of them and when the heard arrives you can greet them by saying, “What took you so long?”

5. Proven Systems Handed To You On A Silver Platter

Everyone always talks about what great systems they have and how systems are important to their success. Except what does that really mean? Ultimate Partnering 9 is not about theoretical, it’s about practical.

You will leave the event with systems in place allowing you to run your business with great efficiency thanks to the tried and true applications of effective systems that will be presented.

No longer will you be plagued with trial and error – instead everything will have a place and a purpose!

6. Avoid Pitfalls That Could Cost You Millions

Investors make funding mistakes with their deals more often than they would like. The problem is often not something they have done, but something they did not see. Imagine if instead of hindsight, you had foresight?

That’s what Ultimate Partnering 9 is all about – giving you the foresight needed so that you NEVER AGAIN leave money on the table.

You’ll learn everything there is to know about how to maximize the right amount of investment on deals.

7. There’s No Better Place To Be Than Boston In July

Our Ultimate Partnering events are built for your success!

Besides providing you with a staff invested in you and like-minded people who do the same work as you, there is the city of Boston as well. How great is it to spend a few days in Boston with people that do the same thing you do?

At the end of it you walk away with great memories and the tools needed to transform your life! It doesn’t get any better than that!

The bottom line is real estate investors are not created equal. Investors like yourself are constantly looking to build a life for yourselves and your families that are unparalleled.

At Ultimate Partnering 9 you leave with incredible knowledge and great memories (and perhaps a new car).

There is no greater time than now to take control of your investing future.