Real Estate Education

Supplying students around the world with the most comprehensive real estate investing education found anywhere, RE Mentor™ can transport you far beyond the basics – deepening your financial knowledge, sharpening your skills, and increasing your arsenal of wealth-building tools.

Mentorship Coaching

Our Mentorship Coaching program is a community of investors, comprised of our most motivated students who are committed to learning, growing, reaching their full potential, achieving financial freedom and time ownership. We have a formal application and interview process whereby invitations are extended to individuals who possess the specific criteria we believe every student needs in order to ensure a very high probability of success.

Our goal through our unparalleled coaching program, is to lead these hand-selected people on the path to build a business that, like ours, is not only profitable, it also gives you the freedom to create your lifestyle by design.

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Apartment House Riches

The complete system is an information-packed 143-page manual, with 10 audio CDs. They explain exactly how I went from owning nothing but a rusty snowplow, and working 60 hours a week at my job, to creating positive monthly cash flow in twelve months.

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Student Housing Riches

Discover how to invest in student housing with this home study course.

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Self Storage Investing Riches

Discover how to invest in self storage units with this home study course.

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